Anwendung des Toxin-Bindungs-Inhibitionstests zur Wirksamkeitsprüfung von Clostridium-novyi-Typ-B-Alphatoxoid-Impfstoffen

  title={Anwendung des Toxin-Bindungs-Inhibitionstests zur Wirksamkeitspr{\"u}fung von Clostridium-novyi-Typ-B-Alphatoxoid-Impfstoffen},
  author={Karl Luick and J. Gottschaldt and Frank Schulze and Erik Werner and Wolfgang Erler and Erika Borrmann},
The toxin binding inhibition test (ToBI) were developed for potency testing of C. novyi type B alpha toxoid containing veterinary vaccines to replace the currently used toxin neutralisation test in mice (TNT). The antitoxin titres of rabbit sera (AN-, HV- and SP sera) were determined with ToBI using the international reference serum with known antitoxin titre. In order to show the validity of the methods, the results were compared with those of the manufacturers/regulatory authorities and… CONTINUE READING

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