Anurup: An Adaptive Instruction Approach


Personalization in e-learning is an emerging research area today. Personalization has gained importance mainly because, it addresses the learner's concern and attempts to make the learning experience more enjoyable to the individual. Personalization can apply to almost all learning entities like curriculum, syllabus, assessment, pace etc. Personalization can be based on various parameters viz., learner's age, language of instruction, region, prior knowledge, mastery level etc. A lot of research is in progress to identify a comprehensive approach for personalization, which can provide effective and enjoyable learning to large base of real-life learners. The paper presents a brief overview of existing work in adaptive instruction, and details the approach for adaptation used in 'Anurup – A Framework for Adaptive Instruction'. Keywords-personalization, e-learning, adaptive instruction

DOI: 10.1109/T4E.2012.26

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