Antivirus antibodies in myasthenia gravis.

  title={Antivirus antibodies in myasthenia gravis.},
  author={Linda Klavinskis and Nick Willcox and John S. Oxford and John Newsom-Davis},
  volume={35 9},
Serum antibodies to influenza A, measles, rubella, cytomegalovirus, varicella zoster, herpes simplex type 1, and mumps have been assayed in 104 patients with myasthenia gravis, grouped according to clinical features plus thymus pathology, and compared with matched controls. No significant differences in incidence or antibody titer were detected. In 37 patients with recent onset of symptoms, the incidence of antibody to coxsackieviruses B1-B6 was less than in controls. Juvenile-onset cases also… CONTINUE READING