Antiviral activity of the red marine alga Ceramium rubrum.

  title={Antiviral activity of the red marine alga Ceramium rubrum.},
  author={Julia P Serkedjieva},
  journal={Phytotherapy research : PTR},
  volume={18 6},
An extract from the red marine alga Ceramium rubrum (Huds.) Ag. from the Bulgarian Black Sea seacoast considerably inhibited the reproduction of influenza viruses type A and B in vitro and in ovo. The virus-induced cytopathogenic effect (CPE), infectious virus yields and the production of hemagglutinin were all reduced at non-toxic concentrations of the extract. The virus-inhibitory effect was selective, dose-related and strain-specific; selectivity indices ranged 9.5-68.3. The inhibition… CONTINUE READING

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