Antiviral activity of the high-molecular-weight plant polysaccharides (Panavir®)☆

  title={Antiviral activity of the high-molecular-weight plant polysaccharides (Panavir{\textregistered})☆},
  author={T. Kalinina and D. Zlenko and A. V. Kiselev and A. Litvin and S. Stovbun},
  journal={International Journal of Biological Macromolecules},
  pages={936 - 938}
Abstract This short report is dedicated to the description of the wide antiviral and antibacterial activity of the immune-modulating agent Panavir®. Panavir® is a high-molecular-weight fraction of the polysaccharides extracted from the shoots of the Solanum tuberosum. It demonstrates activity against many types of viruses, including animal coronavirus and also against bacterial infections. These properties look very promising considering the… Expand
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The physiological basis of the Panavir proinflammatory activity is hypothesized to be mediated by the indol-containing compounds (auxins) present in Panvir and acting as a plant analog of serotonin. Expand
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The physicochemical basis of the biological activity and pharmacological properties of the antiviral agent Panavir
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Physicochemical properties of high-molecular-weight plant polysaccharide of hexose glycoside class (Panavir) with antiviral activity
A high-molecular-weight plant polysaccharide belonging to the hexose glycoside (HG) class and composed of rhamnose (2–10%), arabinose (3–15%), glucose (10–67%), galactose (2–27%), xylose (0.1–3%),Expand
[Effect of Panavir on influenza A virus reproduction].
Under in vitro conditions with the use of relatively high doses for the cell contamination with the grippe virus, panavir lowered the virus production in the cell systems, and in the in vivo studies on mice with the experimental grippe infectionpanavir showed antigrippe activity against both the romantadine resistant and the remantadines nonresistant populations of the gripe A virus. Expand
[Protective activity of panavir in experimental rabies infection].
For the first time a quantitative method for determination of the virus-neutralizing antibody levels in IU/ml was used (the FAVN test, the gold standard for comparative evaluation of the level of the vaccinal and infective antirabies immunity). Expand
Study of Antiparkinsonic Activity of Panavir on a Model of Parkinson Syndrome Induced by Systemic Administration of MPTP to Outbred Rats and C57Bl/6 Mice
Two injections of panavir significantly reduced the severity of oligokinesia and autonomic manifestations of experimentally induced Parkinson's syndrome. Expand
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