Antiviral activities of ISG20 in positive-strand RNA virus infections.

  title={Antiviral activities of ISG20 in positive-strand RNA virus infections.},
  author={Zhi Hong Zhou and Nan Wang and Sara E Woodson and Qingming Dong and Jie Wang and Yuqiong Liang and Rene Rijnbrand and Lai Wei and Joan E Nichols and Ju-Tao Guo and Michael R. Holbrook and Stanley M Lemon and K. M. G. Li},
  volume={409 2},
ISG20 is an interferon-inducible 3'-5' exonuclease that inhibits replication of several human and animal RNA viruses. However, the specificities of ISG20's antiviral action remain poorly defined. Here we determine the impact of ectopic expression of ISG20 on replication of several positive-strand RNA viruses from distinct viral families. ISG20 inhibited infections by cell culture-derived hepatitis C virus (HCV) and a pestivirus, bovine viral diarrhea virus and a picornavirus, hepatitis A virus… CONTINUE READING


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