Antiviral NK cell responses in HIV infection: I. NK cell receptor genes as determinants of HIV resistance and progression to AIDS

  title={Antiviral NK cell responses in HIV infection: I. NK cell receptor genes as determinants of HIV resistance and progression to AIDS},
  author={A. Iannello and Olfa D{\'e}bbeche and S. Samarani and A. Ahmad},
  journal={Journal of Leukocyte Biology},
  • A. Iannello, Olfa Débbeche, +1 author A. Ahmad
  • Published 2008
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Leukocyte Biology
  • NK cells play an important role in controlling viral infections. They can kill virus‐infected cells directly as well as indirectly via antibody‐dependent, cell‐mediated cytotoxicity. They need no prior sensitization and expansion for this killing. NK cells are also considered as important regulators of antiviral immune responses. They do so by secreting a multitude of soluble mediators and by directly interacting with other immune cells, e.g., dendritic cells. NK cells do not possess a single… CONTINUE READING
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