Antiviral Drugs

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  • R. Vardanyan, V. Hruby
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  • Biology, Chemistry, Medicine
  • Synthesis of Best-Seller Drugs
Comparison of remdesivir and favipiravir - the anti-Covid-19 agents mimicking purine RNA constituents.
Favipiravir has shown various benefits when administered in mild and moderate cases of COVID-19, while remdesivir was more beneficial in more severe cases of the disease, and the evidence in favor of favipirs is compromised by the small number and low-quality of trials conducted.
Combating the Coronavirus Pandemic: Early Detection, Medical Treatment, and a Concerted Effort by the Global Community
Advances and challenges in the rapid detection of COVID-19 by targeting nucleic acids, antigens, or antibodies are reviewed and potential treatments and vaccines against CO VID-19 are summarized.
Prescribed drugs containing nitrogen heterocycles: an overview
Heteroatoms as well as heterocyclic scaffolds are frequently present as the common cores in a plethora of active pharmaceuticals natural products. Statistically, more than 85% of all biologically


Emerging antiviral drugs.
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    Expert opinion on emerging drugs
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Among the newly described antiviral agents that may be developed into drugs are, for the treatment of human papilloma virus (HPV) infections, cPrPMEDAP and cyclosporin A derivatives such as the non-immunosuppressive Debio-025.
Classes of Antiviral Drugs
Antiviral strategies against influenza virus: towards new therapeutic approaches
An overview of novel strategies targeting the virus and/or the host cell for counteracting influenza virus infection and several new classes of antiviral agents targeting viral replication mechanisms or cellular proteins/processes are under development.
Recent highlights in the development of new antiviral drugs
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Antiviral drugs in current clinical use.
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    Journal of clinical virology : the official publication of the Pan American Society for Clinical Virology
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The current armamentarium for the chemotherapy of viral infections consists of 37 licensed antiviral drugs and the combination of ribavirin with (pegylated) interferon-alpha has received increased acceptance for the treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections.
Current progress in antiviral strategies
Antiviral agents active against influenza A viruses
Key PointsSeveral drugs are available that could be used, either alone or in combination, for the treatment (prophylaxis or therapy) of an influenza pandemic. These include adamantan(amin)e