Antiviral Drugs: Exposed target for broad-spectrum antivirals

  title={Antiviral Drugs: Exposed target for broad-spectrum antivirals},
  author={Man Tsuey Tse},
  journal={Nature Reviews Drug Discovery},
abundant anionic phospholipid of the plasma membrane, has been used as a target to develop a novel broad-spectrum antiviral agent called bavituximab. Strikingly, bavituximab was able to cure overt disease in guinea-pigs infected with a potentially lethal dose of Pichinde virus, a model of Lassa fever virus. Writing in Nature Medicine, Thorpe and colleagues proposed that the effects of a wide range of viruses on host cells could lead to normally intracellular anionic phospholipids being exposed… 


Targeting Inside-Out Phosphatidylserine as a Therapeutic Strategy For Viral Diseases
It is demonstrated that anionic phospholipids on infected host cells and virions may provide a new target for the generation of antiviral agents.