Antiulcer activity of Garcinia indica linn fruit rinds


Garcinia indica Linn (Clusiaceae), a medicinal plant mentioned in Ayurveda has been used for treatment of liver disorders, dysentery, sunstroke, cancer and heart diseases. The present study was undertaken to investigate ulcer protective effect of aqueous and ethanolic extract of Garcinia indica Linn fruit rind. The aqueous and ethanol extract of Garcinia indica Linn were investigated for ulcer protective activity against indomethacin induced ulcerogenesis and HCl/ethanol induced gastric lesion. Oral administration of the aqueous and ethanol extracts of Garcinia indica fruit rind at the dose 500 mg/kg provided significant (p<0.001) reduction of ulcer index in the HCl/ethanol and indomethacin induced gastric lesion rat models.

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