Antitussive activity of iodo-resiniferatoxin in guinea pigs.

  title={Antitussive activity of iodo-resiniferatoxin in guinea pigs.},
  author={Marcello Trevisani and Alberto Milan and Raffaele Gatti and Alessando Zanasi and Selina Harrison and Giovanni Fontana and Alyn H. Morice and Pierangelo Geppetti},
  volume={59 9},
BACKGROUND Iodo-resiniferatoxin (I-RTX) has recently been described as an ultra potent antagonist of the transient receptor potential vanilloid-1 (TRPV1). METHODS The ability of I-RTX to inhibit cough induced by inhalation of two putative TRPV1 stimulants (capsaicin and citric acid) was tested in non-anaesthetised guinea pigs. RESULTS Pretreatment with I-RTX either intraperitoneally (0.03-0.3 micromol/kg) or by aerosol (0.1-3 microM) reduced the number of coughs produced by inhalation of… CONTINUE READING


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