Antitumour action of 1,5-dihalogeno-, and 1, 2-4, 5-dianhydro-xylitol derivatives.


The antitumour action of some xylitol compounds possessing alkylating potency at 1 and 5 position of the sugar skeleton was investigated. Unlike the hexitol derivatives, bi-halogenated xylitols showed no antitumour action. The modest therapeutic index of 1, 2-4,5-dianhydroxylitol on the NK/Ly ascites tumour could be substantially increased by the addition of a phenyl-benzoyl group at the 3 position. This latter compound appeared to be active against L1210 leukaemia, S-180, and Yoshida solid sarcoma; and furthermore, against metastasis formation of the Lewis lung tumour.

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