Antitumor tests of amygdalin in transplantable animal tumor systems.

  title={Antitumor tests of amygdalin in transplantable animal tumor systems.},
  author={C. Chester Stock and G S Tarnowski and Frank A. Schmid and Dorris J. Hutchison and M N Teller},
  journal={Journal of surgical oncology},
  volume={10 2},
Except for oral administration, there was no grossly observed toxicity from carefully administered high doses of amygdalin in the experimental systems used. The compound in high doses was ineffective against the DMBA-induced rat mammary carcinoma and the following transplanted experimental tumors: Sarcoma 180, plasma cell tumor LPC-1, leukemia L1210, Mecca lymphosarcoma, Ridgway osteogenic sarcoma, sarcoma T241, mammary carcinoma E0771, Taper liver tumor, Ehrlich carcinoma (solid and ascites… CONTINUE READING