Antitumor properties of Gymnosperma glutinosum leaf extracts.


The present study was undertaken to validate the antitumor potential of Gymnosperma glutinosum from regional people's account, using the in vitro and in vivo L5178Y-R lymphoma murine model. Non-polar G. glutinosum crude extracts were tested on L5178Y-R cells. We found significant (p < 0.05) cytotoxic activity (up to 40%) of the hexane extract, which was further fractioned; fraction 1 (F1) was then observed to produce up to 51% apoptosis-mediated L5178Y-R cytotoxicity in vitro at concentrations lower than 0.98 microg/ml, and possess significant in vivo antitumor activity. This study may support further evaluation of active F1 in clinical trials.

DOI: 10.1080/07357900802192190

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