Antitumor carboplatin is more toxic in tumor cells when photoactivated: enhanced DNA binding

  title={Antitumor carboplatin is more toxic in tumor cells when photoactivated: enhanced DNA binding},
  author={Jarmila Ml{\vc}ou{\vs}kov{\'a} and Jana {\vS}těp{\'a}nkov{\'a} and Viktor Brabec},
  journal={JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry},
Carboplatin, an analogue of “classical” cis-diamminedichloridoplatinum(II) (cisplatin), is a widely used second-generation platinum anticancer drug. Cytotoxicity of cisplatin and carboplatin is mediated by platinum–DNA adducts. Markedly higher concentrations of carboplatin are required, and the rate of adduct formation is considerably slower. The reduced toxic effects in tumor cells and a more acceptable side-effect profile are attributable to the lower reactivity of carboplatin with… CONTINUE READING


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