Antitrichomonas in vitro activity of Cussonia holstii Engl.


Cussonia holstii is a traditional medicinal plant used in Kenya, which has not been studied chemically up-to-date. Upon biological screening, a substantial antitrichomonas activity was found in the dichloromethane extract of the bark of Cussonia holstii. A detailed chromatographic study using centrifugal partition chromatography revealed that a pentacyclic… (More)


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@article{He2003AntitrichomonasIV, title={Antitrichomonas in vitro activity of Cussonia holstii Engl.}, author={Weidong He and Luc Van Puyvelde and Louis Maes and Jan Bosselaers and Norbert De Kimpe}, journal={Natural product research}, year={2003}, volume={17 2}, pages={127-33} }