Antithrombin III prevents and rapidly reverses leukocyte recruitment in ischemia/reperfusion.

  title={Antithrombin III prevents and rapidly reverses leukocyte recruitment in ischemia/reperfusion.},
  author={Lena L. Ostrovsky and Richard C. Woodman and Derrice Payne and Diane Teoh and Paul Kubes},
  volume={96 7},
BACKGROUND P-selectin has recently been shown to be essential for leukocyte rolling after the reperfusion of ischemic mesentery. However, the mediators responsible for neutrophil rolling in ischemic microvessels remain entirely unclear. METHODS AND RESULTS Intravital microscopy was used to examine leukocyte kinetics in a feline mesentery ischemia/reperfusion model. Sixty minutes of ischemia followed by reperfusion caused a profound increase in leukocyte rolling and adhesion. Pretreatment with… CONTINUE READING


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