Antitermitic and Antifungal Activities of Essential Oil of Calocedrus formosana Leaf and Its Composition

  title={Antitermitic and Antifungal Activities of Essential Oil of Calocedrus formosana Leaf and Its Composition},
  author={Sen-Sung Cheng and Chi-Lin Wu and Hui-Ting Chang and Yu-Ting Kao and Shang-Tzen Chang},
  journal={Journal of Chemical Ecology},
Calocedrus formosana Florin (Cupressaceae) is an endemic tree species in Taiwan; its timber is recognized for natural decay resistance. To examine the antitermitic and antifungal activities of leaf essential oil and its main constituents, C. formosana leaves were extracted and the essential oils analyzed by GC-MS. Bioactivity tests against the termite Coptotermes formosanus demonstrate that the LC50 value of leaf essential oil is 27.6 mg/g. Furthermore, exposure to T-muurolol caused 100… CONTINUE READING


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