Antiterminator-dependent modulation of transcription elongation rates by NusB and NusG.

  title={Antiterminator-dependent modulation of transcription elongation rates by NusB and NusG.},
  author={Malcolm Zellars and Catherine L. Squires},
  journal={Molecular microbiology},
  volume={32 6},
Ribosomal RNA is transcribed about twice as fast as messenger RNA in vivo, and this increased transcription rate requires the rrn boxA antitermination system. Because several Nus factors have been implicated in rrn antitermination, we have examined the role of NusB, NusE and NusG in controlling the rate of rrn boxA-mediated transcript elongation. In vivo RNA polymerase transcription rates were determined by measuring the rate of appearance of lacZ transcript using a plasmid that contained an… CONTINUE READING

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