Antispasmodic Effects of Aqueous extract of Anthemis mauritiana


Article history: Received on: 09/09/2012 Revised on: 16/09/2012 Accepted on: 20/09/2012 Available online: 28/09/2012 The effects of aqueous extract of Anthemis mauritiana Maire & Sennen flowers (AM) on rabbit and rat jejunum were studied. The AM (0.1-3 mg/mL) showed reversibly relaxation of spontaneous contractions on isolated rabbit jejunal smooth muscle The spasmolytic effect was dose-dependent with IC50 value of 1,48 ± 0,02 mg/ml. Similarly this extract inhibited the contractions of rat jejunum induced by KCl (75mM) and Carbachol (CCh, 10M) with IC50 values of 0,48 ± 0,09 mg/ml and 1,53 ± 0,03 mg/ml respectively. Furthermore, AM exhibited an inhibitory effect on the dose-response curves induced by CCh and CaCl2 on rat jejunum. These results clearly demonstrated the antispasmodic effect of AM which was strongly suggested to be mainly due to the inhibitory effect on Ca influx through membrane of jejunal smooth muscle.

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