Antiretroviral potential of human tripartite motif-5 and related proteins.

  title={Antiretroviral potential of human tripartite motif-5 and related proteins.},
  author={Fengwen Zhang and Theodora Hatziioannou and David Perez-Caballero and David Derse and Paul D Bieniasz},
  volume={353 2},
TRIM5alpha is a potent inhibitor of infection by diverse retroviruses and is encoded by one of a large family of TRIM genes. We found that several TRIM motifs among a panel of selected human TRIM proteins (TRIM1, 5, 6, 18, 19, 21 22, 34) could inhibit infection when artificially targeted to an incoming HIV-1 capsid. Conversely, when ectopically expressed as authentic full-length proteins, most lacked activity against a panel of retroviruses. The exceptions were TRIM1, TRIM5 and TRIM34 proteins… CONTINUE READING

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