Antipyretic actions of human recombinant lipocortin-1.

  title={Antipyretic actions of human recombinant lipocortin-1.},
  author={J I Davidson and Roderick John Flower and Anders Milton and S. Peers and Dino Rotondo},
  journal={British journal of pharmacology},
  volume={102 1},
The effect of human recombinant lipocortin-1 (hrLC-1) on the pyrogenic actions of the synthetic polyribonucleotide polyinosinic:polycytidylic acid (poly I:C) has been studied in conscious rabbits. Poly I:C (2.5 micrograms kg-1) given i.v. produced a biphasic fever with a first peak after 90-105 min and a second peak between 225-240 min. hrLC-1 (50 micrograms kg-1) given i.v. simultaneously with the poly I:C produced a significant reduction in the febrile response but without complete… CONTINUE READING

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