Antipsychotic-induced weight gain and therapeutic response: a differential association.

  title={Antipsychotic-induced weight gain and therapeutic response: a differential association.},
  author={P{\'a}l Czobor and J. V. Volavka and Brian B. Sheitman and Jean Pierre Lindenmayer and Leslie Citrome and J P Mcevoy and Thomas B. Cooper and Miranda Chakos and Jeffrey A. Lieberman},
  journal={Journal of clinical psychopharmacology},
  volume={22 3},
This study investigated the association between antipsychotic-induced weight gain and therapeutic response to haloperidol and three commonly used atypical neuroleptic medications in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. The subjects were 151 patients enrolled in a double-blind experiment with a duration of 14 weeks comparing the therapeutic efficacy of haloperidol (n = 36), clozapine (n = 38), olanzapine (n = 38), and risperidone (n = 39). Absolute and relative (%) gain in body weight and… CONTINUE READING


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