Antipsychotic-induced oxidative stress in Rat Brain

  title={Antipsychotic-induced oxidative stress in Rat Brain},
  author={M{\'a}rcio Martins and Fabricia Petronilho and Karin M. Gomes and Felipe Dal-Pizzol and Emilio Luiz Streck and Jo{\~a}o Quevedo},
  journal={Neurotoxicity Research},
Typical and atypical antipsychotic drugs have been shown to have different clinical and behavioral profiles. Haloperidol (HAL) is a typical neuroleptic that acts primarily as a D2 dopamine receptor antagonist. It has been proposed that reactive oxygen species play a causative role in neurotoxic effects induced by HAL. We evaluated oxidative damage in rat brain induced by chronic (28 days) HAL, clozapine (CLO), olanzapine (OLZ) or aripiprazole (ARI) administration. Adult male Wistar rats… CONTINUE READING