Antiproliferative cardiac glycosides from the latex of Antiaris toxicaria.

  title={Antiproliferative cardiac glycosides from the latex of Antiaris toxicaria.},
  author={Qian Liu and Jin-shan Tang and Meng-Jie Hu and Jie Liu and Hai-Feng Chen and Hao Gao and Guanghui Wang and Shun-Lin Li and Xiao-Jiang Hao and Xiaokun Zhang and Xinsheng Yao},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
  volume={76 9},
Phytochemical investigation of the latex of Antiaris toxicaria resulted in the isolation of 15 new [antiarosides J-X (1-15)] and 17 known cardiac glycosides. The effects of the cardiac glycosides on apoptosis and the expression of orphan nuclear receptor Nur77 were examined in human NIH-H460 lung cancer cells. Several of the cardiac glycosides induced… CONTINUE READING