Antiprismatic Coordination about Xenon: The Structure of Nitrosonium Octafluoroxenate(VI)

  title={Antiprismatic Coordination about Xenon: The Structure of Nitrosonium Octafluoroxenate(VI)},
  author={S. W. Peterson and John H. Holloway and Bernard A. Coyle and J. J. M. Williams},
  pages={1238 - 1239}
The structure of nitrosonium octafluoroxenate(VI), 2NOF � XeF6, has been determined by means of single-crystal x-ray counter methods (R-index = 0.046, weighted R-index = 0.042). The space group is Pnma, with a = 8.914(10) angstroms, b = 5.945(10) angstroms, and c = 12.83(2) angstroms (the numbers in parentheses are the standard deviations to the least significant digit or digits); the calculated density (ρ) is 3.354 grams per cubic centimeter, and there are four formula units per unit cell. The… 
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Die Reaktion von TeF6 mit (CH3)3N ist eine Redoxreaktion, Tellur(VI) wird von Trimethylamin zu Tellur(IV) reduziert: Mittels der Kristallstrukturanalyse werden die Produkte (CH3)2NCH2–N(CH3)3+TeF5−


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