Antipeptide antibodies that recognize a lymphocyte substance P receptor.

  title={Antipeptide antibodies that recognize a lymphocyte substance P receptor.},
  author={David W Pascual and Jeana E. Blalock and Kenneth L. Bost},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={143 11},
In an effort to investigate the presence of substance P (SP) receptors on lymphocytes, polyclonal antibodies against SP receptors were developed. The immunogen used to generate these antibodies was a peptide encoded by an RNA complementary to the mRNA for SP. The rationale for using this SP complementary peptide (termed SP CP) as an immunogen resulted from the observation that 3H-SP bound to microtiter wells coated with SP CP in a dose dependent and saturable fashion. Furthermore, binding was… CONTINUE READING

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