Antiparasitic effect of Dinoponera quadriceps giant ant venom.

  title={Antiparasitic effect of Dinoponera quadriceps giant ant venom.},
  author={D. B. Lima and P. L. Sousa and A. Torres and K. A. F. Rodrigues and C. P. Mello and R. Menezes and L. D. Tessarolo and Y. Quinet and M. R. de Oliveira and A. Martins},
  journal={Toxicon : official journal of the International Society on Toxinology},
Neglected tropical diseases (NTD) are treated with toxic therapy of limited efficacy. Previously, we studied the antimicrobial effect of Dinoponera quadriceps venom (DqV) against bacteria. To continue the study, we report in this short communication the antimicrobial effect of DqV against Leishmania amazonensis and Trypanosoma cruzi. DqV inhibits the promastigote forms of L. amazonensis and all T. cruzi developmental forms, with low toxicity in host cells. DqV causes cell death in T. cruzi… Expand
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