Antioxidative and hepatoprotective diarylheptanoids from the bark of Alnus japonica.

  title={Antioxidative and hepatoprotective diarylheptanoids from the bark of Alnus japonica.},
  author={Nguyen Huu Tung and Sang Kyum Kim and Jeong chan Ra and Yu-zhe Zhao and Dong Hwan Sohn and Young Ho Kim},
  journal={Planta medica},
  volume={76 6},
The present study to evaluate the potential of constituents of the bark of Alnus japonica as a functional food with medicinal properties led to the identification of one new diarylheptanoid, named alusenone (1A), and 11 known ones (1B and 2-11). Their antioxidative and hepatoprotective activities were accessed by, respectively, a TOSC assay and a TBH-induced hepatotoxicity rat model. Mixtures 1, 2-6, 10, and 11 showed good antioxidative and hepatoprotective effects as compared with the positive… CONTINUE READING

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