Antioxidants in Higher Plants

  title={Antioxidants in Higher Plants},
  author={Ruth G. Alscher and John L. Hess},
"Antioxidants in Higher Plants" provides a blend of molecular and biochemical approches to cover the state of the art in antioxidant function. The chemistry and protective potential of sulfhydryl and hydroxyl compounds are emphasized. Some perspectives are presented regarding the response of antioxidant metabolism to interactions amonng environmental pollutants, illumination, temperature and water availability. The book also discusses how tools of molecular biology may further clarify… 

The role of antioxidant enzymes in photoprotection

An analysis of attempts to improve stress tolerance by means of the creation of transgenic plants with elevated antioxidant enzyme activities concludes that the effect of such transgenic manipulation strongly depends on the manner in which the stress is imposed.

The role of superoxide dismutase in combating oxidative stress in higher plants

This review evaluates the mode of action and effects of the SOD isoforms with respect to oxidative stress resistance, correlating age, species, and specificity of plants during development.

Production of high-value compounds: carotenoids and vitamin E.

Antioxidant capacity of Brassica juncea plants exposed to elevated levels of copper

Brassica juncea L. eight-day-old seedlings treated with various concentrations (50–200 µM) of copper for 48 h accumulated Cu more in the roots than in leaves. Accumulation of copper resulted in more

Reactive Oxygen Species and Antioxidants in Plants: An Overview

Various aspects relating to sensors for ROS and signaling role of ROS in plants, improvement of antioxidant systems in transgenic plants and functional genomics approaches used to unravel the reactive oxygen gene network has been discussed.

Prospects for Increasing Stress Resistance of Plant Peroxisomes

Plant cells respond defensively to oxidative stress by removing the ROS and maintaining antioxidant defense compounds at levels that reflect ambient environmental conditions.