Antioxidant therapy: still in search of the 'magic bullet'.

  title={Antioxidant therapy: still in search of the 'magic bullet'.},
  author={Sofia Benfeito and Catarina Oliveira and Pedro Soares and Carlos Fernandes and Tiago Silva and Jose Teixeira and Fernanda Borges},
  volume={13 5},
The therapeutic potential of natural phenolic antioxidants in human diseases associated with oxidative damage has received great attention to date. Appraisal of literature evidences that, in general, antioxidant therapy has enjoyed relative successes in preclinical studies but little benefits in human intervention studies or clinical trials. In fact, despite the huge, largely untapped potential therapeutic benefit of natural phenolic antioxidants, such as vitamins, non-flavonoid and flavonoid… CONTINUE READING