Antioxidant role of alpha-lipoic acid in lead toxicity.

  title={Antioxidant role of alpha-lipoic acid in lead toxicity.},
  author={H Gurer and H Ozgunes and Serdar Oztezcan and Nuran Ercal},
  journal={Free radical biology & medicine},
  volume={27 1-2},
The assumption of oxidative stress as a mechanism in lead toxicity suggests that antioxidants might play a role in the treatment of lead poisoning. The present study was designed to investigate the efficacy of lipoic acid (LA) in rebalancing the increased prooxidant/antioxidant ratio in lead-exposed Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells and Fischer 344 rats. Furthermore, LA's ability to decrease lead levels in the blood and tissues of lead-treated rats was examined. LA administration resulted in a… CONTINUE READING


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