Antioxidant responses of hyper-accumulator and sensitive fern species to arsenic.

  title={Antioxidant responses of hyper-accumulator and sensitive fern species to arsenic.},
  author={Mrittunjai Srivastava and Lena Q Ma and N. Indrakumar Singh and Shraddha Singh},
  journal={Journal of experimental botany},
  volume={56 415},
Plant species capable of hyper-accumulating heavy metals are of considerable interest for phytoremediation, and differ in their ability to accumulate metals from the environment. This work aims to examine (i) arsenic accumulation in three fern species [Chinese brake fern (Pteris vittata L.), slender brake fern (Pteris ensiformis Burm. f.), and Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata L.)], which were exposed to 0, 150, or 300 muM of arsenic (Na(2)HAsO(4).7H(2)O), and (ii) the role of anti-oxidative… CONTINUE READING


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