Antioxidant properties of a new type of polyene, falconensone A and its derivatives.

  title={Antioxidant properties of a new type of polyene, falconensone A and its derivatives.},
  author={Noriko Takahashi and Kayoko Tamagawa and Ken-ichi Kawai and Tetsuya Fukui},
  journal={Biological \& pharmaceutical bulletin},
  volume={23 8},
Falconensones A and B are new type of yellow compound extracted from ascomycetous fungi, Emericella falconensis. Falconensone A p-bromophenylhydrazone and falconensone A dioxime are derivatives of falconensone A which have also been synthesized recently. The structural similarity of the falconensones to alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) led us to investigate whether falconensones exhibit antioxidant activity. These studies found that falconensone A p-bromophenylhydrazone and falconensone A dioxime… 
Antitumor efficacy in vitro and in vivo of falconensones, a new type of polyene.
Results indicate that falconensone A and its derivatives exhibit anticancer efficacy in a broad spectrum of cancer cell lines and may have great potential for clinical use in the treatment of various cancers.
Nidulantes of Aspergillus (Formerly Emericella): A Treasure Trove of Chemical Diversity and Biological Activities
This review presents 236 natural compounds, which were reported from marine and terrestrial Emericella, which imply the need for substantial investigation of alternative activities, including antimicrobial or cytotoxicity.
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Structures of 1–14 were elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic analysis and chemical evidence and showed moderate antibacterial activities against Bacillus subtilis.
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A lipoxygenase inhibitor from Aspergillus niger
A lipoxygenase-1 (LOX-1) inhibitor was isolated from the fermented broth of Aspergillus niger CFTRI 1105 and compared with commercial bisphenol A and its structural analogues, butylhydroxyanisole andbutylhydroxytoluene in an attempt to understand the role of functional groups affecting lipoxyGENase activity.
Studies on Lipoxygenase inhibitors from Fungi
It was proved that nigerloxin inhibits LOX by the similar mechanism as that of the standard antioxidant NDGA, which is used as preservatives or antioxidants in food.
[Induction of cell differentiation and development of new anticancer drugs].
  • N. Takahashi
  • Biology, Chemistry
    Yakugaku zasshi : Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
  • 2002
Screening of differentiation-inducing factors, such as purified aldehyde reductase, a xenobiotic metabolite enzyme, that induces differentiation of human acute myeloid leukemia HL60 cells into monocyte/macrophage cells is described, and mechanisms of all-trans-retinoic acid (RA)-induced differentiation are covered.


The Systematic Identification of Organic Compounds:
AbstractINTEREST in organic identification work in the University of Illinois was first aroused by Prof. C. G. Derick- in 1908, and the course was developed by Prof. O. Kamm, whose book on the