Antioxidant properties of 4-vinyl derivatives of hydroxycinnamic acids.

  title={Antioxidant properties of 4-vinyl derivatives of hydroxycinnamic acids.},
  author={Petra Terpinc and Toma{\vz} Polak and Nata{\vs}a {\vS}egatin and Andrej Hanzlowsky and Nata{\vs}a Poklar Ulrih and Helena Abramovi{\vc}},
  journal={Food chemistry},
  volume={128 1},
The compounds 4-vinylphenol (4-VP), 4-vinylguaiacol (4-VG), 4-vinylsyringol (4-VS) and 4-vinylcatechol (4-VC) were prepared by thermal decarboxylation of the corresponding hydroxycinnamic acids p-coumaric, ferulic, sinapic and caffeic acid, respectively. For confirmation of the synthesised products LC-MS followed by NMR analysis was used. To evaluate their antioxidant potential, their reducing power and efficiency in scavenging the alkylperoxyl radical generated in an emulsion system, the 2,2… CONTINUE READING