Antioxidant endogenous defense in a human model of physical stress.

  title={Antioxidant endogenous defense in a human model of physical stress.},
  author={Fiorenzo Mignini and Daniele Tomassoni and Enea Traini and Valentino Streccioni},
  journal={Clinical and experimental hypertension},
  volume={30 8},
The present work has used controlled conditions to study how physical activity and stress affect oxidant and anti-oxidant systems in a human model. Stress test consisting of one hour exercise at a cycloergometer with intensity over the 75% of the maximal cardiac frequency was followed by non-significant changes of malonyldialdehyde, assayed as a marker of lipid peroxidation, and by an increase of erythrocyte catalase and plasma and erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase after the test. These… CONTINUE READING