Antioxidant activities of the polysaccharides of Chuanminshen violaceum.

  title={Antioxidant activities of the polysaccharides of Chuanminshen violaceum.},
  author={Jing Fan and Haibo Feng and Yu Yu and Mingxian Sun and Yuren Liu and Tongzhan Li and Xin Sun and Shuaijie Liu and Mengdi Sun},
  journal={Carbohydrate polymers},
The water-soluble polysaccharides were extracted and purified from the root of Chuanminshen violaceum (CVPS). The antioxidant activities of the CVPS were evaluated both with in vitro and in vivo experiments. The results of the in vitro antioxidant assay suggested that the CVPS scavenged DPPH, hydroxyl, and superoxide anion radicals. The oral administration of three different doses of CVPS administered over a period of 6 weeks to D-galactose induced aging mice models, enhanced the activities of… CONTINUE READING