Antioxidant activities of extracts and metabolites isolated from the fungus Antrodia cinnamomea

  title={Antioxidant activities of extracts and metabolites isolated from the fungus Antrodia cinnamomea},
  author={M. Wu and M. Cheng and W. Wang and Hui-Chun Huang and G. Yuan and Jih-Jung Chen and I. Chen and Bor-Cheh Wang},
  journal={Natural Product Research},
  pages={1488 - 1496}
Three different solvent partitions (n-hexane, ethyl acetate [EtOAc] and n-BuOH) of the culture broth from Antrodia cinnamomea were assayed with two different radical scavenging methods: 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) free radical scavenging and superoxide radical scavenging (SOD) assay. The EtOAc layer exhibited the best antioxidant activity. Two major antioxidant metabolites were isolated from the active EtOAc layer. The antioxidant activities of compounds 1–6 were further evaluated by… Expand
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