Antioxidant Treatment of Ischemic Brain Lesions

  title={Antioxidant Treatment of Ischemic Brain Lesions},
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and chronic brain lesions, especially cerebral stroke, have become the leading causes of death and disability in the Russian population, which is a major argument for developing effective methods for pathogenetic treatment [1–4]. Therapeutic strategies based on the principle of energy correction are regarded as highly effective methods of neuroprotection. These strategies allow cell energetics to be balanced, decreasing the extent of cerebral impairments at the first stages of the " ischemic… 
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The use of combination therapy (HBO+mexidol) leads to the significantly more rapid normalization of acute phase indices which are correlated with neurological deficit reduction.


Oxidative stress in acute ischemic stroke
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In June 1996, the Food and Drug Administration approved tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) as a safe and effective treatment for stroke if it is given within three hours after the onset of symptoms of stroke.
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It is concluded that a longitudinal register for obtaining data on mortality dynamics and evaluation of efficacy of improved medico-social care program is needed.
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S troke in Russian joins Stroke en Espanol in addressing major language audiences other than English. The new version of Stroke premieres this month in Russia. Russia has one of the world’s1 highest
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