Antioxidant Protective Mechanisms against Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Generated by Mitochondrial P450 Systems in Steroidogenic Cells

  title={Antioxidant Protective Mechanisms against Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Generated by Mitochondrial P450 Systems in Steroidogenic Cells},
  author={Israel Hanukoglu},
  journal={Drug Metabolism Reviews},
  pages={171 - 196}
  • Israel Hanukoglu
  • Published 2006
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Drug Metabolism Reviews
  • Mitochondrial P450 type enzymes catalyze central steps in steroid biosynthesis, including cholesterol conversion to pregnenolone, 11β and 18 hydroxylation in glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid synthesis, C-27 hydroxylation of bile acids, and 1α and 24 hydroxylation of 25-OH-vitamin D. These monooxygenase reactions depend on electron transfer from NADPH via FAD adrenodoxin reductase and 2Fe-2S adrenodoxin. These systems can function as a futile NADPH oxidase, oxidizing NADPH in absence of… CONTINUE READING
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