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Antioxidant Activity of Wild Edible Vegetable Yunnanopilia longistaminata

  title={Antioxidant Activity of Wild Edible Vegetable Yunnanopilia longistaminata},
  author={L. Jian},
  journal={Food Science},
  • L. Jian
  • Published 2008
  • Chemistry
  • Food Science
The antioxidant activities of the petroleum ether,EtOAc,BuOH and H2O extracts of Yunnanopilia longistaminata(W.Z.Li) C.Y.Wu D.Z.Li,which is used as a wild edible vegetable in folk,were studied by the DPPH radical scavenging activity method. All the extracts exhibit weak scavenging activities on DPPH radical. The EtOAc extract and the BuOH extract exhibit relative good scavenging actions than the others,but their actions are much lower than that of BHA and VC,respectiveiy.