Antinociceptive properties of caffeic acid derivatives in mice.


Ten ester derivatives from caffeic acid were synthesized, and their antinociceptive properties are evaluated in mice. The most active compound, dodecyl ester derivative, exhibited potent and dose-related activity against the writhing test, with a calculated ID(50) value of 15.1 (11.9-19.1)micromol/kg and MI of 78.8% being several times more active than… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.ejmech.2009.06.029

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@article{Buzzi2009AntinociceptivePO, title={Antinociceptive properties of caffeic acid derivatives in mice.}, author={F{\'a}tima de Campos Buzzi and Caroline Liandra Franzoi and Graziele Antonini and Mauricio Fracasso and Valdir Cechinel Filho and Rosendo Augusto Yunes and Rivaldo Niero}, journal={European journal of medicinal chemistry}, year={2009}, volume={44 11}, pages={4596-602} }