Antineutrino spectroscopy with large water Cerenkov detectors.

  title={Antineutrino spectroscopy with large water Cerenkov detectors.},
  author={J. Beacom and M. Vagins},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={93 17},
We propose modifying large water C erenkov detectors by the addition of 0.2% gadolinium trichloride, which is highly soluble, newly inexpensive, and transparent in solution. Since Gd has an enormous cross section for radiative neutron capture, with summation operatorE(gamma)=8 MeV, this would make neutrons visible for the first time in such detectors, allowing antineutrino tagging by the coincidence detection reaction nu (e)+p-->e(+)+n (similarly for nu (mu)). Taking Super-Kamiokande as a… Expand
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