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Antineutrino emission and gamma background characteristics from a thermal research reactor

  title={Antineutrino emission and gamma background characteristics from a thermal research reactor},
  author={V. M. Bui and Lydie Giot and M. Fallot and V. Communeau and S. Cormon and M. Estienne and M.Lenoir and N. Peuvrel and Tetsuo Shiba and A. Cucoanes and Muhammad Elnimr and Julio Rodr{\'i}guez Martino and Anthony Onillon and Amanda Porta and Guillaume Pronost and Alberto Remoto and Nicolas Thiolli{\`e}re and Fr'ed'eric Yermia and Abdoul-Aziz Zakari-Issoufou},
  journal={arXiv: Nuclear Experiment},
The detailed understanding of the antineutrino emission from research reactors is mandatory for any high sensitivity experiments either for fundamental or applied neutrino physics, as well as a good control of the gamma and neutron backgrounds induced by the reactor operation. In this article, the antineutrino emission associated to a thermal research reactor: the OSIRIS reactor located in Saclay, France, is computed in a first part. The calculation is performed with the summation method, which… 
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