Antineoplastic unsaturated fatty acids from Fijian macroalgae.

  title={Antineoplastic unsaturated fatty acids from Fijian macroalgae.},
  author={Renwang Jiang and Mark E Hay and Craig R. Fairchild and Jacques Prudhomme and Karine G. Le Roch and William Aalbersberg and Julia Kubanek},
  volume={69 13},
Phytochemical analysis of Fijian populations of the green alga Tydemania expeditionis led to the isolation of two unsaturated fatty acids, 3(zeta)-hydroxy-octadeca-4(E),6(Z),15(Z)-trienoic acid (1) and 3(zeta)-hydroxy-hexadeca-4(E),6(Z)-dienoic acid (2), along with the known 3(zeta)-hydroxy-octadeca-4(E),6(Z)-dienoic acid (4). Investigations of the red alga Hydrolithon reinboldii led to identification of a glycolipid, lithonoside (3), and five known compounds, 15-tricosenoic acid, hexacosa-5,9… CONTINUE READING
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