Antimicrobial prophylaxis of travelers' diarrhea: a selected summary.

  title={Antimicrobial prophylaxis of travelers' diarrhea: a selected summary.},
  author={Richard Bradley Sack},
  journal={Reviews of infectious diseases},
  volume={8 Suppl 2},
This paper summarizes the published controlled studies of the prophylaxis of travelers' diarrhea in which the following drugs have been used: neomycin, nonabsorbable sulfonamides, Streptotriad, doxycycline, erythromycin, and mecillinam. These studies have shown that antimicrobial prophylaxis can be highly effective in preventing episodes of travelers' diarrhea. The protection, however, lasts only as long as the drugs are being taken; there is no evidence that subclinical infections occur while… CONTINUE READING

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