Antimicrobial properties of human lysozyme transgenic mouse milk.

  title={Antimicrobial properties of human lysozyme transgenic mouse milk.},
  author={Elizabeth A. Maga and Gary B. Anderson and James S. Cullor and Wayne A. Smith and James R D Murray},
  journal={Journal of food protection},
  volume={61 1},
The antimicrobial properties of standard human lysozyme and the milk of transgenic mice expressing human lysozyme were investigated using bacterial strains important to the dairy industry. Standard human lysozyme was found to be effective at significantly slowing the growth of the milk cold-spoilage organism Pseudomonas fragi (P < 0.001), of a clinical isolate of the mastitis-causing organism Staphylococcus aureus (P < 0.005), and a nonpathogenic strain of E. coli (P < 0.05). Milk from… CONTINUE READING

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