Antimicrobial mechanisms of ortho-phthalaldehyde action.

  title={Antimicrobial mechanisms of ortho-phthalaldehyde action.},
  author={Manuel Sim{\~o}es and L{\'u}cia C Sim{\~o}es and Sara Cleto and Idalina Machado and Maria Ol{\'i}via Pereira and Maria Jo{\~a}o Vieira},
  journal={Journal of basic microbiology},
  volume={47 3},
Biocides generally have multiple biochemical targets. Such a feature easily entangles the analysis of the mechanisms of antimicrobial action. In this study, the action of the dialdehyde biocide ortho-phtalaldehyde (OPA), on bacteria, was investigated using the Gram-negative Pseudomonas fluorescens. The targets of the biocide action were studied using different bacterial physiological indices. The respiratory activity, membrane permeabilization, physico-chemical characterization of the bacterial… CONTINUE READING