Antimicrobial evaluation of cinnamic and benzoic haloamides

  title={Antimicrobial evaluation of cinnamic and benzoic haloamides},
  author={Ricardo Carneiro Montes and Thiago Sampaio de Freitas and Maria do Socorro Costa and Fern and Ant{\^o}nia S DE Oliveira and F{\~A}¡bia Ferreira Campina and Alana Rodrigues Ferreira and Sayonara de Oliveira Ferreira and Henrique Douglas Melo and Celidarque da Silva Dias and Dami{\~A}£o Pergentino de Sousa},
This study aimed to prepare a collection of para-ha logenated benzylamides derivatives of structurally related benzoic and cinnamic acids by coupling reactions wi th 4-halobenzylamines, using BOP as a coupling agen t. All compounds obtained were submitted to antimicrobial tests, using the method of the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), with gentamicin, amikacin, nor fl xacin, penicillin as controls in the antibacteri al assays. The study led to 22 amides ( 1-22) with yields ranging from… CONTINUE READING

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