Antimicrobial effectiveness of Locacorten-Vioform cream in Secondary infections of common dermatoses.

  title={Antimicrobial effectiveness of Locacorten-Vioform cream in Secondary infections of common dermatoses.},
  author={Edward A. Konopka and Earl F. Kimble and H C Zogans and H. M. Heyman},
  volume={151 1},
In a double-blind study involving 430 patients, Locacorten (0.02%)-Vioform (3%) cream was found to be highly effective in the treatment of dermatological conditions complicated by secondary bacterial involvement. Themicrobiological conversion and clinical improvement in patients treated with Locacorten-Vioform combinations were markedly greater than those achieved in the groups medicated with (1) Vioform 3%, (2) Locacorten 0.02%, and (3) placebo cream. Staphylococcus aureus was the most… 
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Iodochlorhydroxyquin-hydrocortisone treatment of fungal infections. Double-blind trial.
After seven days of treatment, the combination was considerably better than hydrocortisone or the cream vehicle with respect to erythema, scaling, itching, and patients' and physicians' evaluations.
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It is to be urgently recommended that instead of antibiotics topical broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents (antiseptics), e.g. clioquinol, triclosan†, etc., should preferably be used.
Antimicrobial activity of iodoquinol 1%-hydrocortisone acetate 2% gel against ciclopirox and clotrimazole.
Iodoquinol 1% produced the broadest and greatest antimicrobial activity as measured by a 3-log reduction of CFU, active against all microbes tested following incubation times of 1 or 5 minutes, except M luteus.
Skin Microbiology